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Our History

Founded by St. Andrew’s Scots Church in 2013, Blue Door Education (then called Blue Door English) began teaching English to two groups of four students in the community who had requested help. Since then we have become an independent voluntary organisation (registered charity), and are able to welcome around 180 service users per week through our doors as well as online, with English language courses ranging from literacy to B1 (pre-intermediate). In 2018 we opened our Mums and Bubs classes for migrant mothers, an especially vulnerable and marginalised group in Malta, who are welcome to bring their children to class, for whom we provide free childcare. In 2020, we began offering online courses for learners who are already digitally literate, and in 2022 our services expanded to offering IT & Tech classes, with a focus on navigating standard office software and tasks using a smartphone, which is often the only technology our students have access to.

We remain immensely grateful to St. Andrew's Scots Church in Valletta for continuing to provide us with a safe space in which to carry out the lion's share of our operations.

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