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Blue Door Education (VO/2165) is a voluntary organisation (registered NGO) based in Valletta, Malta. Our team of dedicated and passionate volunteers provides free literacy, language and lifeskill classes, both in person and online, for adult refugees and asylum seekers, and adult migrants with a social worker referral. Education enables upward social mobility, and each additional skill can mean higher income, leading to better access to nutritious food, sanitation, healthcare and accommodation. The hands-on linguistic first aid and practical skills courses we provide help refugees and asylum seekers rebuild their lives in their new host country.

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Our Team

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For many of our students, the difficult journey to Malta is only the first hurdle in their resettlement. Many of them have left everything they knew and loved behind, are dealing with trauma, and urgently need to find a way to survive. The language barrier is one of these obstacles, and overcoming it opens the door to better integration, and increased opportunities.

Community is equally as important as education for displaced persons, and Blue Door Education seeks to empower its learners by offering a safe and welcoming space in which to express themselves, make connections and stay informed about local services. Moreover, learners receive help developing their CVs, opening bank accounts, obtaining bus passes and applying for courses. We also regularly invite representatives from other organisations to give information on how our learners can further their education and join community events. Find out more about our work here.

Our volunteers help out in a variety or roles including teaching, curriculum research, registrations, and administration, and we couldn’t run our school without them. Meet our phenomenal team here.

We rely heavily on monetary donations to keep our school going, and the staff and learners at Blue Door Education are immensely grateful for the kind donations of classroom resources from individuals and organisations within the community. If you'd like to know more about how to donate, click here.

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